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Fifa 10 PC

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onikrulz said...
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Played hours of heavily modded FIFA 10 PC. Love looking at it now, much better and enhanced in terms of graphics and performance compared to the default garbage EA Sports launched for PC.
FIFA Soccer 10

FIFA Soccer 10 (PC)

Genre/Style: Sports/Soccer
Release Date:
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This game was really disappointing. FIFA 09 was much better than this. In this game, the goal post looks a training set for kids and the grass is like a green carpet. PES 2010 definitely tops this one.
I take back what I said, it didn't come out right Lol. I've modded my PES 2010 to maximize the LODs and now even the console FIFA 10 is nothing compared to it. I like the slower pace, more realistic football experience almost like simulation in PES 2010. I uninstalled FIFA 10 PC which, I agree, was disappointing. Even with all the mods it didn't value anything near PES 2010
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